Welcome to my collection of Artwork


I’m a 2D/3D games artist with 20+ years’ experience in the games industry

Being involved with game projects on multiple platforms from PC, Mobile, and game consoles from Xbox,

Xbox 360, PS1, PS2, PS3, and the Wii also. With a knowledge of art packages from Max to Maya,

Photoshop, and  Zbrush, as well as the ever changing methodologies ant tools.

You will be able to see from my resume that, I have worked in many areas of art within the industry, from level artwork and layout,

to vehicle design and creation, set objects as well as full environmental modeling.

As well as character and creature conception and creation.

I am currently working as a Senior artist in the New Orleans.

I look forward to taking my years of experience to the next level and applying that experience

in the development of innovative and groundbreaking new media and entertainment.

Thank you for your stopping by and feel free to contact me at any time.


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